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CBC History
The vision for Community Baptist Church was born in the heart of Pastor Mike Knight as he served the Lord at Bible Baptist Church in Matthews, North Carolina. The Knight family traveled to raise financial support as church planting missionaries and then moved to Clayton in the fall of 2005 to make preparations for the new church.

In January 2006, they were joined by two other families--in answer to prayer--and by Dave and Claudia Barba of Press On Ministries. These folks teamed up with several other churches in the Raleigh area to find folks for the new church through a program called “The Phone’s for You.” Through 31,000 personal phone calls made in February, they located 2,353 unchurched families as prospects to be invited to the first service.  During the month of March, each prospective family received five mailers and a follow-up phone call.

On the first day of the church, April 9, 2006, 218 people met at the Cleveland Middle School to sing, pray, and hear the Bible preached. Since that day, this new church has seen a number of folks come to know Christ as Savior, and Christians have grown steadily through the preaching of God’s Word. On July 16, 2006, Pastor Knight led the church in a special baptismal service for many of these new converts.

In the fall of 2006, through a series of truly miraculous events, the Lord specifically answered Pastor Knight's prayers and made 31 acres of prime, undeveloped real estate available to Community Baptist at a fraction of its value - only $100,000. Half of the parcel of land was donated, and the church put a contract on the remaining half of the acreage by putting $50,000 down on the land, and started praying that the Lord would provide the rest before the end of the year.

On Sunday morning, November 19, 2006, 158 people gathered to celebrate Community Baptist Church's Charter Service. 89 people became Charter Members of the church, and the new members voted to accept the Constitution and Bylaws and to officially call Pastor Mike Knight as their first pastor. That morning, the church took a special offering for the land fund and gave over $32,000 in this one offering, leaving a balance of only $18,000 owed on the land! After enjoying "Dinner on the Grounds," over 100 church people traveled two miles to the new church property for a special afternoon service to give testimonies, sing and dedicate the property to the Lord.

After many hours of practicing, and with the help of Bethany Hills Baptist Church in North Raleigh, NC, the fledgling Community Baptist Choir presented its first Christmas musical in the Clayton Center in downtown Clayton on Friday evening, December 1, 2006. Our little church began praying specifically that God would allow 500 people to attend the Christmas gospel presentation, and that 10 people would trust Christ as Savior. We rented the 600-seat auditorium, sent out 2,370 postcards, advertised, canvassed the area and continued praying. Praise the Lord, God saw fit to bless us again by bringing out somewhere between 350-400 people. The downstairs of the auditorium was almost full. At the invitation 10 people raised their hands to receive Christ as Savior! Afterwards Pastor Knight was able to talk with 5 of the 10 about discipleship. We are still praising the Lord for an incredible evening!

By God's grace, in February, 2007, the church paid off the balance owed on their land, and, at only ten months old, officially replaced its "Land Fund" with a "Building Fund!"

On April 15, 2007, the Lord allowed Community Baptist Church to celebrate its one-year anniversary with a special Sunday morning service and church "Dinner on the Grounds." That morning the church viewed a special slideshow to celebrate all the amazing works that God had arranged for this small body of believers during its first year!

During the summer of 2007, the ladies had several activities and the men had two golf outings. In late July, the Youth-4-Truth attended a week at The Wilds Christian Camp with Evangelist Steve Pettit. Also, during the month of July, God burdened Pastor Knight's heart to start a four-week Belarusian Bible Study for a group of orphaned Belarusian children who visit the U.S. for six weeks during the summer. Three of the young people stay with faithful members of CBC. With the help of an interpreter, Pastor Knight was able to spend four weeks sharing the gospel, and five of the eleven received Christ as Savior!

One of the most exciting events of the entire summer was our second annual Family Fun Fest held on July 13. With the help of Pastor Dan Wolseiffer, his wife and 12 teens from the youth group of Harvest Baptist Church in Rock Hill, SC, CBC advertised, canvassed, and passed out thousands of flyers. We prayed that God would bring out at least 600 people. Amazingly, 925 people attended this event! The most exciting part of the evening was the opportunity to present the gospel to over 150 young people. Children stood in line to receive a gospel bracelet and 12 made a profession to receive Christ as Savior. Some of the teens from Harvest Baptist had the privilege of leading their first soul to Christ. How exciting to see how God used this event not only to reach many people but also to stir the hearts of the people at CBC.

In September, the church family enjoyed its second annual Church Picnic, with over 100 people in attendance. It was exciting to see how God had knit the church family's hearts together as believers!

On December 16, 2007, CBC held a "Christmas Celebration," including a Luke 2 re-enactment by the children's church, special choir and small ensemble musical numbers, a gospel challenge from Pastor Knight and dinner on the grounds. Many visitors packed the auditorium for this special event!

April, 2008 brought the second anniversary of the church, with a special Sunday morning worship service recounting God's hand at work over the past two years at CBC in Clayton and a church fellowship. The church friends and family rejoiced together with a special presentation celebrating God's grace, provision and blessing.

In July, 2008, CBC hosted its 3rd annual Family Fun Fest and saw record-breaking numbers attend and in December of that year, the church choir presented a special outreach concert of special Christmas music. Late in 2008, the Lord also opened the door for the church to vote to lease and upfit a semi-permanent location in the 40/42 area.

Work began on February 17, 2009 to upfit an existing building on Commerce Parkway to create our new church. Many hands chipped in to help with demolition, framing and construction. By God's good grace, 76 days later we celebrated our Inaugural Service on May 3, 2009 in our new 7,200 square feet complex!

On July 11, 2009, CBC hosted its 4th annual Family Fun Fest and again saw an incredibly large turnout by the public. Everyone in attendance was invited to CBC's Grand Opening Service the next day, July 12, and the Lord truly blessed us by bringing 79 visitors! Over the next few weeks, 16 people placed their faith in Christ as Savior. On September 9 a baptismal service was held on the Langdon property to hear the testimonies of those saved and witness their obedience in believer's baptism!

On April 4, 2010, CBC hosted the Bob Jones University drama team for a special Easter program, "When I Survey." Thanks be to God for the 188 who attended which included 39 visitors, 25 of which were first time visitors!

This church is here by God’s direction and through His grace. It has a short history, but a promising future. Truly the LORD has done great things for us!